About Me
I am a fashion stylist and set designer With Assyrian roots in Berlin and work all over the world.
I love to work with different shapes and colors,
combine my European and my oriental soul and find the perfect symbiosis in styling.
The influence of my love for art, fashion and interior design is strong and determines the unique character of my styling as pure and euphoric at the same time.
Adidas, Audi, Axe, Bosch, Bree, Camper, Hemisphere, Icono, Reebok, Samsung, Seat, Steinway, S-Bahn, Tomshot, Volkswagen, Viessmann, 01men, 11freunde
A/Sh, Cake, Caleo, Fabrika, Fuckingyooung, Flair,
 Gq Style, Home Magazin., Indie, Kinki, Lui, Lófficiel, Mate, Neo2, Qvest, Quality, Streetwear2day, Tush, Vulkan, Vanity Teen, 74mag

Amos Fricke, Ava Pivot, Bert Spanngemacher, Christoph Musiol, Jacky Hardt,Jan Mielke, Johannes Graf, Sarah Staiger, Michael Mann, Rene´Fitzek,
Tobias Wirth, Björn Jonas, Jakob Skorupa,
Jo Van Den Berg, Martin Mai, Yannis Akon, Felix Krüger, Peter Garmusch,Daniel Roche, Tobias Schult, Lukasz Wolejko Woleiszo,
 Sevda Albers, Robert Klebenow, Svenso Linert,Thomas Wolfzettel, Wolfgang Pohn,